DIGILAB Transcoder is a powerful tool for converting (or “transcoding”) media files from their original format to the most widely used standards and formats on the market, enabling the media to be played on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Transcoder VOD

The system allows of both an input (format) for an output, and an input for multiple outputs.
Transcoding settings: audio, video, aspect, bitrate, resizing, among other features, generating files for diversified containers like MP4, Transport Stream, Sony MXF, MKV, among others.

Integration / Scalability
The system can integrate with third party systems via API.
DIGILAB Transcoder was designed to be easily scaled according to the transcoding workload, allowing its operation to take place on a local machine or in the CLOUD.

Transcoding for the most common market standards
Video: H264 – H265 – MPEG-2 – VP8 – VP9
Audio: AAC – HE-AAC – MP3 – AC3

Performance and parallelism
The system transcodes the media via GPU in the H264 and H265 standards, at a speed 9X higher than the CPU time.  In addition, more media files can be run in parallel without losing performance.

Folder monitor
The system monitors the entry of new media and automatically starts transcoding according to the pre-set workflow.

File editing
Removal of Tones and Color Bars – You can configure the transcoder to cut a file in up to two points (timing).

Graphics and audio
Ability to add subtitles (SRT and DVB), audio files in different languages, and images (logos).


Transcoder Live

  • Live ingest RTMP
  • Output – adaptive bitrate: HLS and DASH
  • Low latency
  • Integration with CDN’s
  • Customizable encoding rates


  • Robustness (reestablishes the connection automatically)
  • Dashboard with consumption, traffic, and other data
  • Compatibility with most market players
  • Security (Ingest authenticated)



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