Jorge Florêncio – Engineering Coordinator Broadcast

Digilab was a product supplier that fulfilled all the commitments it made with us, providing efficient support in its area of operation. The company contributed significantly to the implementation of two new exhibitors for our generating markets in Pindamonhangaba – SP and Cachoeira do Sul – RS. It was a partnership based on respect, ethics, professionalism, exchange of knowledge, adherence and understanding of our specific needs. Despite being a standard production line product, it was able to serve us in a customized way. The Digilab difference was to understand our need and create a specific product, guaranteeing the safety, reliability and quality of the presented ads. We found out about the product through internet research and from what was published on the website, and that was enough for us to understand that it was a company capable of satisfying our needs. So Digilab meets all our demands, not only for offering support from trained and updated technicians, but mainly for understanding the responsibilities of our operation, and being concerned about offering the best service. That is why I am grateful for the partnership and work developed by Digilab. I believe it has been a good opportunity for us as a company, promoting dynamic and attractive technological growth.


Jorge Florêncio Engineering Coordinator Broadcast
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