Ideal system for sharing and media distribution

DIGILAB Sync is a software aimed at distributing large media content via the internet using Peer to Peer architecture. Controlled by an operations center, the software allows the simultaneous transfer of Content Server files to multiple exhibitors, thus speeding up the exhibition of the media in different markets.


• The media files to be copied to each Exhibitor are selected through DIGILAB Sync and the copy starts automatically;
• Each file is divided into segments that can be downloaded from different locations, reducing the total download time;
• The choice of the origin of the segments prioritizes those with the lowest transfer cost, in the following order: local, within the same network, or through the Internet;
• Automatic removal of files on the Exhibitor that have been removed through the Manager’s interface;
• The transfer of the programming worksheet to the Exhibitor occurs only after the transfer of the selected media files, providing greater security.