header-site-smart-play2Innovative solution for LIVE TRANSMISSION, simultaneous RECORDING, and smart automated DISTRIBUTION of the audio and video collection from the plenary sessions.

SmartPlay is a powerful tool that allows you to broadcast live sessions to the internet and simultaneously record the plenary sessions, with smart and automated organizing and distributing of the video collection.

The system automatically edits the recording in blocks of video with the speech of each speaker, organizes it by name, duration, topic, date, among other presets, and finally sends the media individually to each parliament member who is registered to the platform.

Public managers or their aids can safely and quickly access the videos a few minutes after the parliament members has finished their speeches, even if the plenary session is still in progress. You can also download searches for specific portions of speech, group blocks of 2 or more videos to unify in a single media, publish content on social networks, webpages, or other media.


The system allows the live broadcast of the plenary session via the internet.

A few minutes after the speech, even with the plenary session in progress, the registered aid receive an email with notice of a new video of their parliament member.

Through an link sent by email or browser, the aid can enter the LOGIN and PASSWORD fields, access the system, and have ALL the videos available with the speeches of their parliament member.

Each registered parliament member has access to the videos themselves, so they can share their work to the general population through social networks.

Records the plenary session and uses indexing of video data to automatically edit the media.

Allows the videos to be seen via internet on multiple platforms.

Allows the gathering of blocks of 2 or more videos to be unified into a single media.

The system automatically send a new video alert to the registered email.

Allows videos to be copied directly to your computer. 

Allows video research by: Date, Session topic, Duration, name, and other presents.


  1. The PGM output video signal is connected to one of the capture inputs of DIGILAB SmartPlay.
  1. After receiving the signal it codifies and published it on YouTube, showing the same content that is going to the AR.
  1. The plenary session capture video signal is connected to a second capture inputs of DIGILAB SmartPlay.
  1. Through the DIGILAB SmartPlay interface, the operator enters the pertinent session data, and with one click selects the legislator who is speaking.
  1. 4 minutes after the end of each legislator’s speech, their aid receives an email notifying them that a new video is available. Through a browser, they will have access to the collection, where this and all other videos of the respective parliament member will be available for viewing or download.
  1. At the end of each Session, DIGILAB SmartPlay sends the complete video to a second system, the DIGILAB PlayManager.
  1. Through the network, the DIGILAB Sync system identifies when a new Program is “ingested” in the exhibitor and made available to DIGILAB PlayManager.
  1. In DIGILAB PlayManager, the user will have access to all videos of Sessions and Programs where they will register the metadata.
  1. With just 1 click, the DIGILAB PlayManager will transcode the Session videos and Programs and publish them on YouTube with all the registered metadata.



SmartPlay is already operating in the Lower House in Brasília.
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