DIGILAB CUE TONE Time Management and DTMF Audio Decoder.


O DIGILAB Cue Tone is a Time Management and DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) Audio Decoder.

It is a system that includes Digilab Cue Tone TX software and Digilab Cue Tone RX hardware capable of using DTMF standard Cue Tones to remotely control the selection between two video or audio channels. digital – SDI, SD, HD and embedded), managing via software: scheduling, registration and event log.

The control signals are managed by the DIGILAB Cue Tone TX, installed on a personal computer, located anywhere on the planet. The sent Cue Tones are received by the DIGILAB Cue Tone RX, able to interpret them and in turn select the specified channel instantly.

Cue Tone Diagram

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