Quality control, Content Adaptation and Distribution for linear programming, VOD and OTT platforms.

Managing and distributing content for linear programming, VOD and OTT platforms is a routine challenge for programmers, content producers, and distributors. A new movie or series is distributed to dozens of countries and multiple broadcasters, carriers, and VOD and OTT platforms. Each of these destinations has its own requirements regarding format, metadata, media information, XML file submission mode, subtitles, closed caption, poster, among other features.

With DIGILAB PlayManager it is possible, in a single matrix media register, to pre-edit the beginning and end of the video by removing tones and color bars; insert metadata, multi-language subtitles, closed caption; perform quality control; manage the adaptation of this content; transcode and distribute this media automatically and integrated with the main VOD and OTT platforms on the market.

Simplify and optimize your content distribution for linear programming
and VoD and OTT platforms with DIGILAB PlayManager.


Characteristics and functionalities

  • Quality control in the pre-editing of the media matrix
    • Material analysis, specification, and Asset Submission
    • Analysis of file integrity
    • Subjective analysis and content look
  • Editing / Export
    • Material preparation and its specifications
    • Scene substitution
    • Removal of Tones and Color Bars
  • Insertion of Metadata
    • A single metadata registry that adapts to the particularities of each VOD and OTT platform or linear programming.
    • Normalization and enrichment of metadata
    • Metadata registry for Ancine
    • Insertion of posters (thumbnail)
    • Insertion of subtitles in various languages
  • Ancine Report
    • Generates the full Ancine report, exported in CSV format
  • Transcoding
    • Transcoding in the Audio and Video Specs for multiple platforms
      • NET NOW
      • You Tube
      • NetFlix
      • iTunes
      • VivoPlay
      • Google Play
      • Vimeo
      • Looke
  • Audio Dub
    • Sync material with the generated Source
    • Management and ordering of audio channels according to the platform profile standard
  • Closed Caption
    • Verification of the CC sync with the new Source
    • Analysis during Play for Translation, Sync, CC Duration
  • Management / Integration
    • Asset Management from Input and Output
    • Selection of multiple VoD distribution channels in the video registry
    • Can publish non-series programs and series episodes for the Kaltura online video platform
    • Management of multiple video file versions to send when it is time to publish to VoD
    • Generate file cheksum
    • Export programs and series episodes in the format for NET NOW
    • Monitoring the VoD publishing status
    • Update VoD platforms after export
  • Application of contract and licensing rules
    • Multiple contracts


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