Digilab PlayChannel is a robust solution designed to operate and manage “Barker Channel” Relationship Channels, aimed at promoting sales, information, and advertising.

Digilab_PlayChannelWith DIGILAB PlayChannel you can program and automate the sequence of media, and segment the content to be displayed for each specific region, adding the application of various graphic resources.


  • Creation of looping Playlists
  • DRAG & DROP functionality for editing scripts and events
  • Closed Caption
  • Frame cuts
  • Resizing video
  • Exhibition of Social Network messages
  • Exhibition of simultaneous video
  • Remote Access via Remote Desktop
  • Exhibition preview
  • Resizing video
  • Formats: SD / HD / FULL HD / 3D
  • Transport Stream for ASI and Ethernet (RJ 45)
  • Streaming



• Promote plan upgrade;
• Promote other services provided (internet sales, retail sales portal, etc.);
• Promote channel;
• Promote pay-per-view programming;
• Exhibit operator programs;
• Home Channel – Entry channel;
• Barker Channel – relationship channel;
• Guidance for functionalities (setup box);
• Exhibit informational items;
• Institutional;

Update, Upgrade, and Customized Development

• Constant improvement of products and solutions;
• Update the DIGILAB Software Version;
• Hardware update;

• Customization – Development of channel differentials.
*Customization is done as long as it is technically feasable.


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