Recording, storage, and distribution of audio and video files.

DIGILAB Ingest is a flexible tool designed to facilitate the recording, storage, and distribution of audio and video files.

Smart Recording
The system allows the entry of different types of signals (Sattelite, Streaming, Files, DVR, Tape, Live) and allows up to 2 simultaneous captures.

Capture Schedule
To schedule a recording the following must be provided: Name, date, time, and capture duration. If there is a scheduling conflict, the system issues an alert.

Generation in Various Formats and Codecs
Records files in the main market formats, allowing for preset definitions.

Via streaming in up to two simultaneous channels for: Facebook, Youtube and Portal (websites);
Directly to a Storage, in the main market formats (configurable format presets);
Via web and through Media Delivery.

Media Delivery
The system digitizes the video signal and sends the file to a FTP server. Once it is sent, the previously registered user will receive an email confirmation that their file is available.
Integration with MAM (Media Asset Management) Systems
Allows integration with Management Software for media Assets.

Main characteristics

  • File capture in the main market formats (allows defining customizable presents);
  • Detection of the absence of video signal;
  • Detection of static video frame;
  • Streaming in the Windows Media, RTMP, UDP and HTTP formats;
  • Closed caption capture with present in input signal;
  • Allows to set time for maximum capture;
  • Choice of various themes for the Ingest interface;
  • Segmenting of files captured in blocks;
  • Insertion of graphics in captured file;
  • Distribution of digital content.