DIGILAB PLAYSIGNAGE Sticks Solution for video exhibition.



The DIGILAB PlaySignage solution is designed to turn any screen into an exclusive TV channel. It is a software integrated in Sticks that, when connected to an HDMI input, displays relevant contents in points of sale or corporate TV’s.
Through the web, the sequence of videos to be displayed is mounted on a spreadsheet, forming blocks and defining their schedules. To make visual communication even more efficient, animated masks can be added to the videos. Best of all, it’s all remotely controlled, allowing the operator to create separate spreadsheets with segmented content and distribute them according to the purpose of each point.

Main characteristics

DIGILAB PlayManager Web System

  • WEB interface, with unlimited users;
  • Registry of multiple Sticks, with centralized programming management;
  • Registry of videos and banners linked to tags, making it easier to assemble the playlist;
  • Banner registry in multiple formats, selected automatically according to the needs of each point;
  • Allows limiting the exhibition of a video or a banner by date interval, point, or geographic location;
  • Creates individualized programming spreadsheets for each point, using a matrix spreadsheet;
  • Selects multiple matrix spreadsheets containing the rules for selecting the programming of the Sticks, using tags;
  • Spreadsheet status report for all points;
  • Allows customization of video programming for each Stick;
  • Reuse of programming spreadsheets on different dates or different Sticks;
  • Control panel with critical information about the programming of all exhibitors.

DIGILAB Sync – Video Distribution System

  • Automatic internet distribution of video files, banners, and spreadsheets for all exhibitors.
  • Simultaneous download using Peer to Peer architecture.

PlaySignage Diagram

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