DIGILAB BARKER CHANNEL is the ideal solution for your relationship channel.


The DIGILAB Barker Channel solution was developed for TV Operators who want to interact and expand their reaching power with their customers, using their relationship channel.

Our solution enables Operator to increase the sale of new packages, offer OnDemand content, promote channels and also disseminate useful information to the subscriber. The Operator can produce and display TV programs in line with the interests of its customers and still sell commercial spaces, thus increasing the company’s revenue.

With the DIGILAB Barker Channel, the operator segments the content for multiple channels, regions, audiences and schedules in a very simple way, all through a single control panel.  The selection of content is done through tags and the playlists are sequenced, autonomously running in a loop. To make this content even more attractive, you can include masks with animations or other graphic assets that are superimposed on the video.

The solution also lets you manage DIGILAB PlaySignage, an integrated system that enables the distribution and display of audiovisual content through Sticks installed on televisions strategically placed in large-circulation locations or at points of sale (POS).

Main characteristics

DIGILAB PlayManager – Management System

  • WEB system, with unlimited users;
  • Registry of multiple exhibitors, with centralized programming management;
  • Registry of videos and banners linked to tags, making it easier to assemble the playlist;
  • Banner registry in multiple formats, selected automatically according to the channel;
  • Allows limiting the exhibition of a video or a banner by date interval, channel, or geographic location;
  • It created individualized programming spreadsheets for each exhibitor using a matrix spreadsheet;
  • Selects multiple matrix spreadsheets containing the rules for selecting exhibitor programming, using tags;
  • Spreadsheet status report in all remote exhibitors;
  • Allows customization of video and banner programming in each exhibitor;
  • Reuse of programming spreadsheets on different dates or different exhibitors;
  • Control panel with critical information about the programming of all exhibitors.

DIGILAB PlayChannel – Exhibitor developed exclusively for this operation model.

DIGILAB PlaySignage  – Sticks with HDMI connection and integrated software for video exhibition;

DIGILAB Sync – Video Distribution System.

  • Automatic internet distribution of video files, banners, and spreadsheets for all exhibitors;
  • Simultaneous download using Peer to Peer architecture.

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